Moomin Language School

playful language learning

Moomin Language School brings digital language learning to children through learning organizations.

We provide an effective method and modern tools for developing children’s foreign language skills: learning games support individual learning on a daily basis whereas playful lessons are for social learning in groups. The child is an active participant and learning is enhanced when it occurs in different environments.

We track children’s progress individually and encourage them to learn. We ensure that children learn the new language through play and joy. In Moomin Language School, children are treated with respect and they will learn in a safe and supporting environment. Our values arise from the Finnish education philosophy but also from the lovable world of the Moomins.

The service was awarded as the best Finnish e-learning solution in a quality competition in 2015.


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Moomin Language School has been developed with over 20 experts in the field of language learning, digital learning, learning games, pedagogy and early education sectors.
Anu Guttorm
Hanna Rinne
Art Director
Saila Juuti
Jeanette Wasström
Early Childhood Education Expert
Petteri Korhonen



Moomin Language School

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