Moomin Language School is a digital language learning service for children aged 3-10 which can be easily and cost effectively adopted by any early learning organization. 


The service has been designed by a professional team of linguists, language teachers, early childhood educators and experts of state-of-the-art technology. Our unique immersive learning method is based on research, and we have academically proven results from several countries.


Let us help your organization to take early language learning to the next level!










We transform your learning environment to meet the demands of today’s modern society and high quality early education.






We provide your children with an engaging story-based language learning application for individual daily practice.








We offer your teachers inspiring lesson plans to enhance teaching with playful learning and the world’s top education methods.










A2 English proficiency



Courage to use the language



Crucial future skills



Playful and safe learning







High-quality educational content



Easy to integrate as a part of everyday activities



Suitable for any teacher



Business opportunity






We chose Moomin Language School as it enables effective, yet engaging and safe language learning for young children.

With Moomin Language School we have been able to bring high-quality language learning for thousands of children in our organization.

The program has done wonders for our shyest kids that are now much more vocal and confident in participating.

We are very impressed with the research-based learning method and high-quality educational content.

The lessons are easy to follow and the program is full of fun and songs and activities.

Moomin Language School offers a native English speaker pronunciation model to each child which is important to many parents.

The program is based on a current Finnish education philosophy, Creative Thinking. It encourages learner autonomy that results in good learning outcomes.

It was easy to learn to use the game and I like playing it.

Julia always reports at home which new English words she has learned at day care. As soon as I heard about this possibility for Julia to start learning English,I wanted her in.

Moomin Language School’s digital language immersion has given both the children and us teachers the courage to speak English.

My daughter likes Moomin Language School very much and doesn’t want to be absent from kindergarten for any reason when there’s a playful lesson.

Sofia has made a linguistic leap onto another level. She now has the courage to speak Finnish even outside daycare.

The game is so well-thought-out that it helps children to figure it out on their own.

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