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Today, children are born into a global world where language skills are essential. The best time to learn a new language is at a young age, when children have a natural interest towards languages and they learn fast.

Moomin Language School is a unique digital learning environment in which children learn a new language through play and joy. Our four-year curriculum is carefully designed by globally recognized and highly educated Finnish early education professionals and language teachers.

Early language learning creates a strong basis for all learning
Learning foreign languages at an early age benefits children’s overall development*. It enhances concentration, reduces learning disabilities, and increases overall learning capabilities. This results in better social skills, more confidence and stronger skills in the mother tongue.

5 minutes a day
Language learning always requires commitment and constant repetition. The new language skills need to be practiced in order to be sustained. Our language learning application is used daily in the early learning organization. It offers new content every weekday, giving children a vocabulary of 4,000 words. The exercises also develop children’s creativity, memory, mathematical thinking and social skills. The digital environment motivates and encourages. All it takes is 5-15 minutes daily. Every child’s progress is monitored individually.

In addition to the application, Moomin Language School offers group sessions for social and playful learning. These playful lessons** reinforce learning and encourage children to use the new language. The lessons consist of pre-designed games, music, group play, arts and crafts, and they deal with the same themes as the application.

In Moomin Language School children will learn a new language in an encouraging, fun and effective environment. The service is easy and safe to use for small children. We are committed to supporting children’s healthy growth so that they will develop a strong self-esteem and become confident global citizens in a multicultural world.

*Source: European Commission, Early language learning
**Organizing Playful Lessons can vary depending on location.

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