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Playful language learning

We at Moomin Language School are passionate about language. Language builds bridges, brings people together and, when used skilfully, creates entire new worlds full of possibilities. It is these worlds we are dedicated to open to as many children as we can, as early as we can.

Passion for learning is something everyone is born with. It does not need to be taught, only cultivated and allowed to bloom. Learning another language as a child is an incredible opportunity*. We pride ourselves on a service that makes learning feel like playing. We have done the hard work. The door is open. All you have to do is step through it and embrace the possibilities with your child.

5 minutes a day

Moomin Language School is a digital learning service that teaches English and Finnish as a new language through play and joy. It is currently available for kindergartens and schools, but we are developing the solution for home use as well. The service includes an easy-to-use application that can be integrated in the daily routine of your child’s kindergarten or school – all it takes is five minutes a day. Even a three-year-old can learn to use the application independently, and even an eight-year-old will find it challenging enough to keep them engaged.

All content has been designed by Finnish language learning professionals to be educational yet entertaining. The service develops all aspects of language from speaking to writing, not to mention creativity, mathematical thinking, social skills and so much more. And it’s not just us saying that: in 2015, we won the eEemeli quality competition for Best Finnish eLearning Solution!

Communication is key

Communication is essential for language learning; after all, that’s what language is for. That is why Moomin Language School includes Playful Lessons** that consist of games, music and crafts designed to be enjoyed in small groups to reinforce and deepen the language skills taught by the application. With Playful Lessons, children get to use the new language in social situations together with their friends and teacher in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

*Source: European Commission, Early language learning
**Organizing Playful Lessons can vary depending on location.

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