Moomin Language School is a unique combination of Finnish early education methods, language immersion and digital tools. We want to offer children the best possible foundation for the future - while still having fun!


The best time for children to learn a new language is between the ages of 3 and 7. This is when children are going through a development phase during which they are especially open to new information and learn new languages easily.

Multilingualism is beneficial for children’s brains and development. Studies have shown that it has positive effects that last a lifetime. Multilingual children are able to concentrate, cope with stress and handle social situations better than children who speak just one language.


Learning is generally easier, as the children’s brains are better developed to process information, such as speech and memory faster. This is why multilingual children often do better in school than their monolingual counterparts.

Learning new languages is always useful, but in order to reach significant results, a strong teaching method and comprehensive educational content is needed. This is what Moomin Language School offers.


Our learning method is based on the principles of language immersion. It basically means that the new language is learned organically and intuitively, just like the mother tongue. It’s learning the language in our daily life instead of sitting down with a grammar book.

With Moomin Language School, children first learn individual words and simple phrases with the aid of sounds, interactive images, and animations. As they learn more, the content becomes more complex. Grammar always comes second in early language learning; listening, speaking and using the language consistently teaches grammar organically.

All the learning comes in the guise of playful exercises that both challenge and reward. Right from the beginning children are encouraged to speak and use the language to communicate, even if they make mistakes. Rhymes and songs help them internalize the rhythm of the language.

Enhancing learning digitally

Digitals tools have been proven effective in optimizing learning, when their content is based on a solid educational design. With Moomin Language School, children see, hear, and touch simultaneously, which helps them engage and retain new information better. The application also has exercises aimed specifically at practicing pronunciation.


The digital nature of our service makes daily learning fun, fast and effortless, while maximizing the children’s meaningful exposure to native English speech – a crucial aspect that is often lacking in conventional language teaching.

Digital tools are a part of children’s everyday life today. We believe in embracing it, and helping children learn the distinction between entertainment and education. We want to be at the forefront of digital development, offering children high-quality content for learning.


Moomin Language School supports individual learning, where each child can progress at their own pace. The language is learned in small portions, only 5-15 minutes a day.


We pay special attention to the effective use of the application to make sure the children are not overloaded with new information or too much screen time. It has been proved that small, frequent portions of learning yield the best results, and our service has been designed to support just that.


Finnish early childhood educators are highly educated experts on children’s development, trained to help children achieve their full potential.


In Finland, education and play go hand in hand, and we prize the positive impact this has on our children. We believe that young children have very different learning needs and capacity than older children, and Moomin Language School has been designed to suit those needs.

The Finnish belief is that play is an effective learning tool because it’s not stressful or achievement-oriented. Through play, children can safely explore and experiment, and get to experience the joy of learning and success, without pressure or the fear of failure.


They are also able to take an active, influential part in their own learning, which in turn increases their motivation and self-esteem. Children learn best when they are active and interested, and that is what our service is all about.