Moomin Language School is a language learning service for kindergartens and schools that features new high-quality digital content every weekday.


In addition to the learning application, teachers have access to ready-made materials for playful lessons and in-depth guides to the service and the method behind it. And unlike most services, ours also includes individual analytics of each child’s progress, accessible to both teachers and parents.


Studies show that the best time to start learning languages is before school age, and that is precisely what Moomin Language School is for. Children learn best when they are having fun, and we have created the best possible digital language immersion environment keeping children’s development, needs and interests in mind.


Our content is based on the celebrated principles of Finnish education and is uniquely designed for us by language and early learning professionals. There is no third-party content or ads – it’s all us, every day, and every bit of it is guaranteed to be wholesome and safe in the true spirit of Moomins!


So how does it work?


Each child has their own profile in our application. Every week presents a different theme, and new content is unlocked every weekday. With different game-like exercises the children develop every aspect of their language skills, as well as creativity, memory, mathematical thinking and social skills.


Children can learn at their own pace, and the daily time limit of 5-15 minutes makes sure they don’t get overstimulated or bored. Most children don’t need any help with the application – once they get the hang of it, all the adult has to do is sign in for them!


We have not overlooked the importance of social interaction for language learning – far from it! The service comes with a flexible, ready-to-play curriculum of playful language lessons that include games, songs, rhymes, crafts and much more!


It’s important to us that our service fits the individual schedule of each kindergarten or school, and our lesson plans reflect that. Teachers can choose to lead a quick 5-minute game matching the weekly theme of their group, or gather the children together for a whole 30-45 minute session of fun language learning activities.


There truly isn’t anything quite like watching your child grow and learn new skills! Moomin Language School makes it easier than ever.


Learning happens during the day, and at night parents can hear all about the new words their child has learned – and perhaps get tested on their own language skills, too! And if they simply cannot wait until they get home, parents can access our online reporting with real-time updates on their child’s progress anywhere, anytime.

But does it really work?

The short answer: yes, it does. Countless studies have informed the method behind our teaching process. If you want the long answer, head over to our method page where we really get into the nitty-gritty of it. Alternatively, you could hear it straight from the source and watch the video below!