Moomin Language School supports language learning during the Corona outbreak

While the coronavirus is closing schools and putting a stop to many after-school activities, language learning doesn’t have to end 


Moomin Language School is a digital language learning service for children aged ­3-10 which can be easily and cost effectively adopted by any early learning organization. 

The service has been designed by a professional team of linguists, language teachers, early childhood educators and experts of state-of-the-art technology. Our unique immersive learning method is based on research, and we have academically proven results from several countries. Currently we teach English and Finnish as a foreign language. 



The Moomin Language School learning application includes new educational content and fun ­story-based language learning exercises for 5-15 minutes every dayThis way children can keep up with the learning pace and enjoy language learning even if they need to stay home for longer periods of time.




The service includes lesson plans for social interaction and playful group learning once a week. We offer hundreds of interactive activities and learning materials and some of the materials can be used at home with parents or online with a teacher.